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Just doing some searching

And I noticed your community. - Seems interesting. I was reading around and noticing things about the moon and stuff. I am interested in learning more.

I am currently on my cycle, I am happy and full (big time full) of energy. I have been focusing my energy on people I care about and those whom have asked for help but I still have more energy. I need help focusing my thoughts and controling all this energy. I have learned some, and since I have been learning more and more I think there is a lot more that people can teach me.

I have friends that have been extreamly helpful and supportive and I love them dearly, but I also want more information. I am thirsty for as much info as I can get my hands on and I am learning much in very short amounts of time. Please help me on my spiritual quest.

May Gaia always look over you,
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