Sobeks Butterfly (indigo_dreamz) wrote in mysticalrealms,
Sobeks Butterfly

Nindra Yoga/Meditation (Sorry for the X Posting)

A friend gave me a CD called Yoga Nidra Meditation, and I just
used it for the first time. I did not really know what to expect.
Little did I know that I would experience so much..............

I remember doing the Survey of Body and the 61 Points of Relaxation,
and starting the Ascending Breath and from there, everything became a
blissful blurr. I don't know where I was, or exactly what I was
doing, feeling... But I felt so much pouring from my heart chakra.... Many
deep personal things.. From anger I had held being released being replaced
by love. Pure love.......

I was conscious, but not. It is very hard to explain, especially since I believe
I rushed myself up from the un-waking state so quickly due to the shock of the experience.

Several times I even thought I got up. I got up to go look out the window,
and there was a beautiful body of water that looked so peaceful and serene, and I remember
thinking, but this can't be my window I don't live on the water. But it felt
so real. Several visions like this occured. Imagine my surprise when I came to my senses
in my own bed obvious I had not moved!

When my consciousness came to, I was in tears. Tears of joy from release of pain, and such
a beautiful experience. I felt a unity I had never felt before thru meditation.

My spirits were very low before I used this CD and when I came to, I felt that negativity
had been pulled from me and replaced with love.

I wish to learn all I can of this form of meditation/yoga......

Does anyone else have any experience with Nidra?
Or any links?

Any help would be much appreciated.......

Much love,

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