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Alright then

Time for an interesting post.

So this is the ponder for the day. I have been doing some energy work for a little while now. In the last several months I have gotten better and better at it. I had my level 2 Reiki attunement and there seems that even since my level 1 there is no end to my energy.

I never feel drained. I hardly ever get disoriented when people pull energy and I always feel full of energy. Now, not that this is a bad thing mind you, just interesting. I have been trying to put a finger on exactly what is going on. Here are some thoughts. - Feedback is encouraged.

1. I do Reiki. Yes, this is a valid point. I use Reiki for everything! I use Reiki before I get up in the morning, before I go to bed at night, when I take a shower... etc.. You get the idea. Reiki is universal energy, there is no end. Here is a theory. Since I use Reiki all the time I am feeding off the universal life energy that I am attuned to and therefore will not ever... DRAIN! Not a bad thing, lets keep going.

2. I am EARTH energy. This also being a valid point. Before my Reiki attunements I would use earth energy, sure it was attached to my own, but earth energy nonetheless. I would never drain. I always felt good if I had a constant connection with Gaia if someone needed my help.

3. I am the North point. This one I am still working on. This is still a confusing point for me and I will learn more about it I am sure through my beautiful friends here on LJ as well as in my everyday life. Some of my closest friends on a few occasions have asked me to be the North point due to the overabundance of energy that I exude at any given moment. I have thought about this and sure, I see no problem with this. I can do it there is no draining involved. I belive the statement used was "honey you have enough energy, that you could be the focal point for guided energy and it wouldn't drain you." If I miss quoted that, I apoligize.

4. Long before I started this quest for my belief in my Higher Power and what my purpose on this planet was, I would give hugs to other recovering addicts and some of them would make this statement: "Wow! You have some great energy to you." - Being as I had no fucking clue what they were talking about (at the time) I decided to do some research and find out what I could about working with energy, guiding energy, and other such energy work. This is where I am today.

I have found that the overabundance of energy that flows through me on any given day is there because the Goddess has a plan for me. What that plan is I don't know. I also believe that the plan has a lot to do with my past lives. (I need to delve more into this) I would like to find out more about my past lives and what I didn't learn in those that I seem to feel I caught onto in this one. I would love to get some insight on what opinions would be about the energy that I not only possess, but use. Please be aware that even my own personal energy doesn't seem to fade and I am still wondering if there is an end to the energy that I work with.

Pondering ever so thoughtfully.

- On a side note - If anyone wants to feel the energy as a "test", please ask. I would appreciate as much feedback on this as possible. - Thank you.
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