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Say I wanted to learn a new skill

I have read a few books, nothing that seems to "feel" right in the ways of attempting this kind of deal.

What would be the first step in attempting to do so? - I am new to the "spells" and "practices" kind of thing. I have been pagan for a while, I just kinda do things that are mor energy and earth related. I haven't tried scrying and I would like to explore AP a little more (done shamanistically in the past, but kind of out of practice now). I would like to learn both in the hopes to better understand and to progress in my current path.

Any help in these subjects would be way helpful or thoughts on a good book that might cue me in and hold my interest would also be helpful. I am not much on book reading, but if something is interesting enough you will have my attention the whole way through.

I would really like to start slow and work my way into the deeper and heavier stuff. So all thoughts are valid and appreciated.

Blessed Be!!!

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