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Moon time

I'm on my moon and being very negative about the whole thing. I found this website that talks about moon time - Does anyone have other resources to share?

What about yourself - do you do anything special during your moon?
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Ah, moon time.. Well, it depends on what you mean by "special". You could mean do anything special to ease the pain, or even to celebrate it (though I doubt anyone would really want to celebrate THAT).
I`m just wondering what you mean.. so I might be able to actually subject an answer O-o;
Well, I know some women try to 'take a day off' to rest and let their body relax. Some women use their menstrual blood in watering their garden. I know in the Native American culture women cannot go into sweat lodges during their moon because it is a belief that women are too powerful during this time. Just wondering, if anyone does something like this or if others here dread it like I do? :)

Ah, well in that case, no I can`t really say that I do anything special. I just dread it, I guess. x.x
Unfortunately, I am the same way. But I'd like that to change.

Some postive things I notice during my time, is that I want to be more feminine. During this time I love wearing beautiful clothing and wearing more makeup than usual. I'd like to use this one positive feeling to continue to learn more about my moon and how to make it a powerful time of the month.
That sounds interesting. Perhaps I should do the same, do you think?
It all depends on your own journey.
Hm.. I hadn't really noticed it lately but I haven't had a period in quite some time. Depo shot you know. I'm actually switching over to the patch, so it's something I'm going to have to start thinking about again.

Wow, that's kinda scary. I'm on the pill so I get it every month, and I like being regular. :)

How often do you get yours with the shot?!
Every three months, but I've stopped and started the patch now.