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I know that this community is still in the developmental stages, but I noticed there aren't a lot of interests listed for others to find us. Let's brainstorm and jot down some ideas so we can gain some members! :)

My two cents to get it rolling: wicca, asatru, druidry, druid, shamanism, totem animals, power animals, spells, rituals, full moons, herbs, scott cunningham, the spiral dance, meditation, chakras, chanting, energy, magick, book of shadows, runes, tarot, gemstones, god, goddess, earth, air, fire, water...
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Those all sound good....
Let's see: incense, aromatherapy, candles, candle magick

Well and I'd like to list occult or pagan websites (not sure which one, or perhaps we should list both)perhaps about Celtic Studies or Celtic Spirituality, and what about Yoga?
I think the more sites we list the better. :)
women's mysteries, men's mysteries, meditation, prana, spirit, nature, sacred, starhawk, esbats, sabbats, paganism, drums, paganism, besom, bell, cauldron, athame, staff, wand, deity . . .
(and please feel free to reject any of these, I am just throwing out ideas!)

...chanting, chants, covens, divination, astrology, scrying, goddess worship, healing, phyllis currot, joseph campbell, farrar (or janet and stewart farrar, or janet farrar and gavin bone), myth, myths, namaste, pagan, pagans, peace, reincarnation, ritual, sacred space, altar, women's spirituality, men's spirituality, radical faeries, wicca, wiccans, witchcraft, witchcrafte, withches, teaching, the wiccan rede, karma, the charge of the goddess, sharon knight, gaia consort, isaac bonewits, singing, spirituality, yule, imbloc, ostara, beltane, litha, lughnasad, mabon, samhaine, gaia, goddesses, gods, hearth, green, inspiration, moon lore, goddess lore, god lore, pentacles, spirals, tambourines, rattles, balance . . . .
I think that your interest ideas are great! :)
jsut a few more ideas for suggestions . .. . (again, whichever ones you want, I am just brainstorming at this moment *smile*)

comparative religions, religion, cedar, sandalwood, cleansing, auras, history, thealogy, theology, crystals, stones, herbs, knot magick, elemental magick, elements, elementals, ritual structure, sacred sexuality, body as sacred, crossroads, mother earth, wheel of the year, the mother, the maiden, the crone, the queen, priestess, priest, rhiannon, brigit, hestia, inanna, hecate, isis, astarte, diana, demeter, kali, bast, sekhmet, harvest, fertility, nature religion, spiritual growth, aradia, cakes and ale, smudging, five-fold blessing
oh yes . ..and . . .


(okay, I will stop . . .. for now)

Just out of curiousity, what's 'prana'? :)
prana is energy (also called life-energy), as in "flowing prana"
I've never heard that before. It's true, we learn something new everyday. :)